Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Weigh In: Jan 14, 2010

My weigh ins are on Thursday nights, so my Friday blogs will probably be about my results. I have had no official weigh in for the past 2 weeks due to the weather. After 3 weeks it turned out that I turtled (stayed the same). That was really discouraging because I felt that I did really well over the holidays. I did not over-eat and I continued to exercise. Of course, this is my cycle week. (Sorry guys, it's a fact us women have to deal with and it does effect our weigh ins!) My scale at home is already showing an improvement today. Why did we have to weigh in yesterday?

I should really stop beating myself up. My husband reminded me that I go through this every month. I have a bad weigh in or just a slight loss but the next week I have a really good one. So I will wait and see. I just thought I was down about 4 more pounds more than I showed, so I guess I do still have over 20 pounds to reach my goal. The good news was that our end of the year report revealed that I am 16 pounds lighter this year then I was last! This will be the year that I reach my final goal. I am not giving up!

To keep track of my progress I am posting my Tracker from The Ticker Factory. You will see that I have a permanent link to this on my side bar and it should always be updated with my current weight. Here is where I currently stand. I'm about halfway there!

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  1. You will reach your goal this year. I think we all can relate to being disappointed that the scale isn't moving.... but don't get discouraged, your body can & will show you that you are getting there! Keep it up & have a great weekend!