Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spinach and Feta Turkey Burgers

I was craving a burger again so my husband decided to fix his famous Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers for dinner tonight! Ok, so he got the recipe from but he is the one that found the recipe for us. While the recipe linked is pretty good and still pretty healthy, I made a few more modifications and got the patties down to 205 calories for a 4.5 ounce patty. Add that to my 80 calorie Delightful Bun by Sarah Lee and some Fat Free Mayo and you have the most awesome burger for under 300 calories!. I was so stuffed tonight that I felt like I cheated on my diet!

For my modified Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers you need:

1 pound of white ground turkey meat (this is leaner than just ground turkey) 640 calories
1 egg white 20 calories
1/2 cup feta cheese 160 calories
1 clove garlic
1/2 package frozen spinach

Mix the ingredients together, patty, and cook about 7 minutes on each side.
This divides into 4 really good size patties that are about 4.5 ounces a piece at 205 calories each (the calories in the garlic and spinach are so minimal I don't count those).

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