Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Water is essential for life, but many people do not get enough water each day. While we do get water into our system through foods and other beverages it is essential to our health, and even our weight loss efforts, that we drink plain water.
It has been said that a person needs 8 glasses a day but I read that you should divide your body weight by 2 to determine how many ounces of water you need a day. At my current weight of around 180 I should be drinking 90 ounces of water. That's over 11 glasses of water (8 ounces) or 5 and half bottles of water (16.9 ounces each). Of course if you exercise or are very active you will need to replenish more often.

Water provides many benefits to the body. At Foodfit.com they say the following about the health benefits of water:
According to Susan Kleiner, PhD, RD, author of Power Eating, staying well-hydrated prevents "fatigue, headache, burning dry eyes, burning in the stomach, dry mouth, loss of concentration, reduced mental and physical capacity, and poor heat acclimation."

But the benefits don't end there. Over time, well-hydrated people suffer less colon, urinary tract and breast cancer, kidney stones, constipation and mitral valve prolapse.

Water can also help with weight loss because it helps you feel full. Staying full with water can keep the snack cravings away. Drinking plenty of water is one important way to stay healthy so be sure to get your daily intake each and every day!

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