Thursday, May 29, 2014

Starting over starting over

It's funny when I came here I noticed I did the same thing this exact time last year. What is it about spring that makes you want to get in shape?  I really hope to keep motivated this time. I have 10 pounds (rather than 15 at least) that I want to shed. I also just want to keep in the habit of making being active a regular part of my life. So for now I will try weekly check ins just to keep myself accountable.

I am off to a good start this week, so far I have worked out on Tuesday, Wednesday and today which is Thursday. I also went for a walk on Monday, but it was a casual walk with the family rather than a cardio workout.  Still, it was certainly better than sitting at home on my couch.

It's been too rainy to do too much outdoors and since my daughter has special needs trying to walk with her outdoors is difficult because I always have to slow down to keep her close to me. So I pulled out the DVDs I love best.  My workouts this week have come from the following DVDs.