Friday, January 8, 2010

Progress in 2009

I wanted to give my readers a visual of the progress that I made this last year. Look below to see what I looked like on New Year's Eve 2008 and what I looked like a couple of weeks ago on New Year's Eve 2009. Here are my before and after photos.

New Year's Eve 2008
200 pounds

New Year's Eve 2009
180 pounds

Because of the weather we haven't had an official weigh in since then but my scale at home shows that I have lost at least another 3 pounds. My progress was slow this last year. After a trying pregnancy that led to a miscarriage I basically started over again at 200 in October. It's been going steady again since then. Also, while there is only 20 pounds of difference you can see that the numbers do not define the entire success. Some people seem surprised, even shocked, when I tell them how much I weigh. But you see, I have gained muscle and have been toning my body as well as slimming it down so I actually appear to look like I weigh less than I do. I am about 17 pounds to my goal which is 160. I haven't seen that number since I became pregnant with my daughter about 9 years ago. This is the year I will finally do it!

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