Monday, January 11, 2010

Applebee's has meals for under 550 calories!

We had a special day this afternoon. My husband took the day off and we went out of town, did some shopping and got to eat out at a decent restaurant. (I live in a really small town so I get excited when I get to go somewhere different!) Today we ate at Applebee's. I had not been in an Applebee's in over 5 years and I was really looking forward to it, especially after learning that they now had menu items that are under 550 calories a piece!

I only have 1400 calories to spend in a day, so usually my lunch and dinner do not consist of more than 500 calories. That makes eating out almost impossible! But with the new 550 calorie menu selections at Applebee's, I can enjoy a delicious meal and still stay within my daily limit! They all looked so delicious that I did not know which one to try first, but the new Grilled Dijon Chicken & Portobella's looked like a good place to start.

Well, I certainly was not disappointed and I enjoyed every bite (however I did take off the red peppers as I am not a fan of those) . The onions, mushrooms and cheese on top of the chicken in that Dijon sauce was simply delectable! The potatoes were really flavorful as well and having a side of veggies made it the perfect meal. Nutritious food, reasonable portion sizes and yet I was stuffed and felt like I had something special! (And did I mention it was under $10?) I was a very happy camper indeed!

I think next time I will try the Asiago Peppercorn Steak.

I think I have hubby talked into a date night which will include another trip to Applebee's. I hope they keep these items on their menu. It certainly makes eating out a whole lot easier on those of us who are watching what they eat!

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