Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exercising While Watching TV

I was watching the Biggest Loser last night and feeling guilty about not getting in enough exercise lately. I have not been feeling well this week and so far all I have done is get on the treadmill Sunday afternoon. So, while watching the competition of the show I got an idea.
Past contestants were offered an opportunity to get back on the show. In order to do that they had to compete. The first one to reach 1000 steps won the opportunity to go back onto the Biggest Loser ranch. So I watched them doing nothing but stepping onto a step and then stepping back down. 15 minutes into it the one in the lead was half way there at 500 steps. Of course we were not watching in real time, they sped the things up and hit just the highlights, but I thought, if they are sweating that much and going that long I could do that for exercise too.
I had planned on at least getting on the treadmill since I still was not feeling well, but the only problem with it is that it is so loud. Not only is it loud, but I have to crank the TV to hear it over the treadmill so the noise level really gets high. However, I happen to have daughter that is very sensitive to loud noises and she was enjoying the show with me and I didn't want to run her off. Since I had no step of my own I just stood at the end of my treadmill and started stepping. I did 500 steps and was really feeling it by that last 100. It took me just under 20 minutes and then I did 30 sit ups and 2 minutes worth of reverse curls to tone in on my abs a bit.
I think I will get me a step. I know they sell them for exercise but I might even have my husband just make me one, he is handy that way. When I finished my steps, my husband decided to do the same only he didn't count and went for about 45 minutes! My daughter then did a few, bless her heart it was so cute. It felt good to be setting a good example for her.
So the next time you are sitting there watching TV and thinking, I really need to exercise, just do it! Grab a step and just start going up and down, or do some crunches, curls, sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks, whatever sounds good. As Bob says in one my videos you just have to get your body moving. There is nothing magical that is going to make it happen, you just have to get off the couch and move!

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