Thursday, June 7, 2012

Water retention...really?

I just had to share this one, it really made laugh..and think. How many times have we made that excuse? No more excuses people!

Now, I am not saying it never happens, but it sure does seem to be the first excuse we think of when the scale doesn't meet our expectations.   It's funny because this follows a week where I truly had a slight gain due to water retention. Hey, it was the day before my cycle, it happens!  However, the scale today should reflect that by having a slight loss. But those things do not happen all the time. If it is really water the scale will reflect that very soon. Otherwise, it's just like the cartoon says, you are retaining food!

You know it's good to laugh at our mistakes, as long as we learn from them too! Here's to hoping you all meet whatever healthy / weight control goal you set this week!

1 comment:

  1. hahaha. exactly. it's such a pity that people do that sometimes. why not go and start to have a weight loss nutrition plan. I've read it in this article.

    I think it's better to start on one. I've my own nutrition plan and kept me fit. so what's yours.