Saturday, June 16, 2012

Go Light - Light Margarine

I am going to start a series of posts about some changes I have made since losing the weight 2 years ago.  I have found that choosing the light option of most foods has not only helped me lose the weight but has been beneficial in helping me maintain a healthy weight as well.  This week I want to talk about margarine. 

When I tried (but failed) to lose weight in the past I would do things like eat the heart healthy butter spreads that were only 5 calories a serving.  While that was doable for a short amount of time for me it wasn't something I could stick to because 1) it wasn't all that tasty and 2) it didn't work well in recipes or even as a base to cook things in.  Basically the flavor and the texture were just lacking, so for me that wasn't something that would be a long term solution.

So instead of going from full calorie margarine to practically no calorie flavorless stuff, I tried the middle of the road solution and went with light margarine. (I use Blue Bonnet but most brands have a light version.) I actually haven't really noticed much of a difference between it and it's full calorie version.  Even my husband has not minded the change and so this actually became a staple that all of our home has adopted.  No more his and hers margarine taking up space in our fridge!  See, this was the type of change that could become part of my permanent lifestyle because it wasn't so drastic that no one could stand it.  We've never had company complain about it either and believe me, I have some people who will balk at anything I try to serve them that is healthy.  If they haven't noticed this change your family might not either!

Exchanging light margarine for regular margarine will save you about 20 calories for every tablespoon you eat.  While that my not sound significant, if you start to tabulate how much you actually use margarine in cooking, baking, and to garnish your food it really adds up.  Going light on margarine is one change we made that not only helped me lose weight, it's helped me keep it off too!

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